Sep 262016

I’ve had three days of headaches. They did not respond to my normal migraine treatment, and left me feeling miserable.

Today’s started at 8am.  I got downstairs feeling ghastly, an swapped my normal first breakfast of bacon and 2 sausage for one bacon in a bacon butty.

It stayed bad all day, despite paracetamol, until I was sick about 4pm on an empty stomach.  After that it all cleared up, and I now feel pretty good.

The best guess is that the antibiotic I have been taking for an infected finger has “headaches” listed under common side effects.  Today was the last tablet, so we will see what happens tomorrow.

Meanwhile, since Beryl’s post I have walked around the block and eaten 2 helpings of an excellent stir-fry.

But I too am weary of this long story of niggles, setbacks, worries. There is 9 weeks 2 days to go, and then on the last day of November I will take my last tablet.
On the first of December I will celebrate.

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