Apr 272016

I spent most of today as a danger to children and pregnant women.

Perhaps I shoud clarify that statement,before I get arrested.

Today was the visit to the Christie to check my heart functionality.  First they put a canella into my arm, then squirt in some stuff to prepare the blood cells to take up what comes 30 minutes later, a jab of technicium with a half-life of 6 hours.  Then lie under a scanner (yes – another one, I’ve got 5 now) for half an hour or so while they look at my blood flow.

Slight problem, the canella  did not work, so they had to put another one in the other arm. (Make note, left arm now useless for needles. This is usually found in drug addicts and blood donors . Possibly also in vampires, as they presumably have no pulse.)

Anyway it worked in the end, so I was let out with a warning not to get too close to any childen or pregnant women, apparently I am a radiation hazard until the evening.

And tomorrow is the chemo, according to the MacMillan nurse I go in at 8:30 for final blood tests, then about 10:30 expect to start the chemo itself, and get home about 8pm or so.

And I am scared.  Completely irrational but still true.  What a good job I am British with a stiff upper lip.  Who am I kidding.




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  One Response to “0 days to chemo, the radioactive man”

  1. You do make me laugh though! Malcolm!
    I am reading what you write with compassion in my heart, and then what happens booooooom you make a joke and I laugh!
    But our Lord God knows you the best, He sees all of you, nothing can be hidden from him! nothing at all!

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