Apr 262016

I read the Grauniad website today, about Victoria Wood. Apparently she, and lots of others , kept their cancer a secret.

Is this the right thing to do?  I lost another day to migraine today, so I had a long time to think about it.

It all depends who she kept it secret from. If it was just secret from the general public, but all her family and friends knew, then I can understand it.  After all the press is not exactly well know for restraint and moderation.

Just imagine it: “Hey Victoria, how’s your valiant battle against cancer going”  I would feel rather sympathetic to anybody who responded to that query with a two-fingered salute.

But what’s the point of concealing it from family and friends?  OK we have a nasty disease, but it’s not contagious.  We are different, (some of us have been different for years), but we did not choose this.  What has been done that we should be ashamed of?

It’s not as if family and friends won’t guess something is going on.  They will know.  And how can people give each other comfort if they are not open with each other.

I cannot count how many friends have seen me break down in tears, and every one has given me a hug to show they cared.  I have good friends.

I’m glad I’ve been public. It’s a decision I took on the first day.

If we can cry together, we can comfort each other.


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  3 Responses to “2 days to chemo”

  1. I wish it to be known that I have nothing against humans. I even married one (true I was ill at the time).
    It’s just that I find them a bit hard to understand.
    They have this mystic ability to recognise each other – wierd.

  2. If Malcolm sinks in water, doesn’t that mean he’s a witch, or have I got that the wrong way round?!! Witch, alien, mathematician, gotta be my favourite person in M19 – hubbie aside of course (coughs nervously, sorry Neil!)……………………….our thoughts are with you…………Txx

  3. I think I marreid an alien as he sinks in water and cant float. But prayer, our family and friends are keeping us from sinking under this roller coaster ride and that is very important. Thank you from me as well. With prayer and your love we will win through .

    By the way maths cant be a proof of being a human being after all Malcolm does maths but sinks in water!

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