Apr 302015

Just been invited to read my story “The Troll-Wife” at the Sutton Hoo story-telling festival at summer solstice 20-21 June.


We’ll take the campervan down on the Friday and make a week-end of it.




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Apr 202015

If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know I had a serious traffic accident years ago.

They had to rebuild my right leg, and it needs regular physiotherapy on it to keep me mobile.

One of the people who’s helped me most is my physio, Graeme Heward, and now I want to help him.  Four years ago he was diagnosed with a rare and virulant cancer of the sinuses, the “Alien” he calls it. He’s had it pretty tough, and the story is not over yet, but he’s written a book about it, Riding with the Alien.

It’s out on Kindle now, and in paperback shortly.  He’s not looking to make money from it for himself, he wants to help those who’ve helped him, the Christie Hospital and MacMillan Nurses,  and to give some hope and encouragement to others facing similar problems.

I going  to buy  a copy, after all it’s because of him that I can still walk.  I’d like to encourage others to get a copy as well.

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