Jul 162015

I was asked to take part in the Anglo-Saxon Story-Telling Festival at Sutton Hoo in June 2015.

It was excellent.  The Anglo-Saxon re-enactment group Ealdfaeder were there, with a leatherworker, a weaver, a laece  (doctor/herbalist), someone cooking a meal, assorted children (in character and loving it) as well as the warrior groups.

The obligatory battle was well done and well-commented as well. Altogether a very good day, and fairly well attended, though not as much as had been hoped.

My part was to read my story from a rebuilt Viking ship, in character as brodor (brother) Malcolm reading one of my stories, “The Troll-Wife”.  I added a top and tail in Anglo-Saxon, to fit the occasion, and it was well received.  I had several sales of the paperback version (to be released as soon as I get back off holiday).

Altogether an excellent weekend, at least till we tried to go home, and discovered this was the weekend the Highways Authority chose to close as many motorways as possible all at the same time.

Still it was good fun.  And now I’m on holiday in Berwick on Tweed. Last week we saw Anglo-Saxon re-enactors at Bamburgh Castle, and this week we’re going to see Viking re-enactors at Holy Island. Should be even more fun.


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