Apr 102016

I have  a problem. The next hospital appointment is next Friday (to check I’m fit enough for surgery).  So what do  I write about?

Do people really want a blow by blow account of what I managed to eat. If I’m not careful this could get like Twitter! Continue reading »

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Apr 092016

I did it. I ate pigs in blankets.    (Cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon – just in case anyone is getting worried.)

Beryl grilled four of them, and I managed to eat three. It hurt a bit at the end, but not too bad. Continue reading »

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Apr 052016

We had a phone call at 09:00 saying come in  for 10:30 to get the results of the scans and discuss treatment. We cancelled all plans, got someone else to run our Anglo-Saxon learners group (thanks Liz) and legged it to the hospital.

We got there for 10:20. Unfortunately the doctor got called away for an emergency so we saw her at 12:15.  So we could gone to Anglo-Saxon and still got there. Nobody’s fault. These things just happen. Continue reading »

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Apr 042016

A friend asked me this morning if it was ok to reply to some of these posts with a joke.  By all means.

I’m not sure what it is makes me joke in a situation like this.  Is it a British Stiff Upper Lip, or a Northerner’s gallows humour?

Whatever it is, it’s not a new thing for me. I’ve made the same jokes for years about my scoliosis (deformed spine) and my inability to recognise faces (prosopagnosia). Now I’m making them about my cancer, my oesophogial adenocarcinoma. Continue reading »

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Apr 032016

It’s another of those days when nothing much happens, at least as regards the cancer.

Lots of other stuff. We checked the greenhouse the salads are growing well and so far the slugs are not. I got paid for the use of my translation of a Welsh song Calon Lan (it got used by Russell Watson on one of his collections). A reviewer offered to review “Aftermath”, the collection of stories I was hoping to publish before all this started, and I discovered I can eat ground rice with jam and meat pies with homemade pastry (but not both at the same time). Continue reading »

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Apr 022016

I had another migraine today. Not surprising, since release of tension is a common trigger. Frankly I’ve done well to get this far without an attack.

I have medication ready.  It takes about an hour to kick in, then my head clears but I feel spaced out.  It did mean I was able to join in our Welsh Learners group, but it was rather hard to speak. Continue reading »

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Apr 012016

I’ve had the ultra-sound scan.

It looks like this was the final check.  The question was, “Has it spread too far up the gullet to allow any operation, or has it spread beyond the gullet, in which case there is little purpose in the operation, it’s too late. Continue reading »

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