May 192016

Chemo Infusion again. second of three.  Last time I was shattered and very tired after 13 hours.  This time took 10.5 hours and left me slightly headachy and just plain tired.  I think I can live with that, and always remember you are allowed to be grumpy and bad-tempered. Continue reading »

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May 192016

I felt better today, although desparately tired.  I went to bed in the afternoon.

I did try to do some work midday, after my physio, but the physio took nearly 2 hours.  I kept being interupted by phone calls, including an annoying amount of spam, (but some calls were important and welcome). Continue reading »

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May 182016

I think it’s probably the next chemo, due on Thursday, to blame, but I’ve been on a bit of a downer today.  I understand perfectly well that these feelings are irrational and foolish, but these are not rational feelings.

I feel scared again. Will the chemo be as bad, or even worse?  I’ve now done 33% of the course.  By Thursday evening I will have done 67% of the infusions.  I should be glad I’m doing so well.  But I’m scared.

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May 172016

It’s finally happened. My scalp was itching last night and this morning I found hairs were coming loose. It’s not that many yet, but it’s clearly going to happen.  This will produce some rejoicing I am sorry to say.  “But why?” , do I hear you ask.  I will explain.

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May 102016

The last time I tried chips, months ago, the pain was terrible. It didn’t help that they were slightly overcooked and had a few hard edges, but I later found that ordinary mashed potato had the same effect. Pain. Continue reading »

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