Jun 222016

Today’s clue, NLD .  No guesses, not even wrong ones!   I’ll give you more help.  I’m counting down, because I’m counting the days down to the end of the chemo.  (Nine to go, and there’s another clue there.)  I could have counted up, but I didn’t.

And as for the referendum…. Continue reading »

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Jun 222016

Today’s clue: TLL.   Several answers suggested, but none even close.  Remember, the letters make sense, and fit the occasion (though not perhaps the time of year).  One post a day till the end of the chemo, will anyone beat the challenge?  Or do I win! Continue reading »

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Jun 212016

Here’s the next clue in the great competition, EPP.  Remember every post till the end of the chemo (30 Jun) has a title. That’s 11 days away.  Guess what they all mean, and you win a prize (well no you don’t actually).

Now for a whinge, recipe and a  serious bit. Continue reading »

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