Nov 292016

Eight days to go. I lost most of yesterday with a headache.  I assumed it was a migraine, but the sumatriptan did nothing for it. I’m putting it down to emotional stress. Continue reading »

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Nov 252016

Sorry for the lack of posts, we had a broadband outage.  Looks like we may have a faulty router.

It’s the last 13 days now, and I’m glad.  I am weary.

I saw the Christie consultand for the last time yesterday.  He says I have done everything right, and improved the odds as best I can, but the hard truth is that this cancer frequently re-occurs.

I have to wait and see if I survive or not.  I went home and sulked in bed for a few hours, I’m feeling better now, but still somewhat broody.

Just one diversion, someone had ordered a scan for me on 7 Dec. Turns out the consultant knew nowt about it.  To confuse the issue I thought it was at the MRI, but it is at the Christie.  Anyway I rang up the Christie and informed his secretary, so no doubt they will sort it out and ring me back.

And so to bed.

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Nov 202016

I’m 70 today, I don’t believe it.  We actually decided to postpone the thing till January when I should be feeling better, but various people called round to wish me well, and I got to see a friend from school when I was 8, whose birthday is 2 days later then mine. Continue reading »

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Nov 192016

Yesterday was not good. The stomach trouble (and that’s a euphonism) turned into an agonizing windlock.  It took over an hour of massage by my wife to clear it.

It was not good, and the next days are when I can expect to be at my lowest after the chemo. So back to the opening medicine!  But it’s now 19 days to go to end of the tablets.

Let’s change the subject, I promised several days ago to write about my new hair. It’s time I kept my promise.

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