Apr 252016

Afraid I lost a lot of today to another migraine.

I woke up with it at 5:30 and spent most of the morning in first a headache, then a drugged fog.   No way I could drive safely.

Anyway this afternoon my son came round and we did another clearout of old rubbish from the outhouse. I usually keep old plugs when we throw old electrical stuff away.  Today I discovered that we have about 2 doz old UK plugs and nearly a dozen euro ones.

We chucked a lot.   The outhouse looks cleaner.

At church today one of the MacMillan nurses said she thought my jokes were terrible. I regard that as high praise, well she did have a smile on her face when she said it.

I weighed myself again, still 86Kg, and I’m still missing eating normally.


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  One Response to “3 days to chemo”

  1. Hello Malcolm, I understand about keeping old things just in case we need them! It sounds good that your clearing it out with your son! Its easier when there is two of you doing it!
    I have a lot of clearing out to do to, have kept to much which turns out to be junk in the end!
    Actually I am getting use to your humor, and I do have a laugh or two!
    Sleep well ! and God Bless you both!

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