May 232016

Woke up with no nausea, but very tired, so I ate breakfast (2 Saus + bacon is still bliss after nowt but porridge), then went back to bed. About 12:50 I decided that I really ought to get up, chemo or not, so I threw back the duvet and got a sharp pain on the LHS of the chest.  The Christie hotline promptly ordered paramedics who shipped me off to the MRI, where we kicked out heels for a few hours till the doctor decided it was just a pulled muscle.

I feel a fraud for wasting time, but the Hotline do insist on being informed and taking no risks, and I know one of the drugs is a risk to the heart, so I suppose it was the right thing to do, it just did not feel like it.

But the nausea is less and getting even lesser. If tomorrow is OK, then I’ll be a very happy bunny.

And I’ve just done the calculations, after tomorrow’s morning dose of tablets I’ll be 40% through the tablets and 67% through the infusions.

One detail I forgot to mention yesterday. I’ve been told my manly hairnet is not good enough. I have to wear the head cap to stop lost hair getting everywhere.  This now means everytime  I go to bed I have to put on my head a pair of women’s tights, with the legs cut off and the holes sewn up.   What more can I say!

I’ve kept meaning to post an answer to TJ about my rant on ignorance and knowing.  She posted a nice comment, which I gave a joking reply to, but it deserves a bit more. Let’s see if I can manage that tomorrow. Meanwhile, where’s my tights?

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  1. Ah! I even had a laugh with what you said! I think that you were feeling really good to jump out of bed with such energy to pull a muscle! heeee….eeee!!!
    What we feel is not often the best way to go, as you saw after your visit to the doctor!
    If you become a bunny you will be hopping about too much, so take it easy and rest.
    That must be man’s nature calculating his sickness, but I do see your calculations as a positive attitude, so keep your energy for the 60% of tablets that are to be taken and the 33% of liquid infusions that still will be going through your system!
    Once you have your hair shaved off by your secret redhead, you won’t need to wear any tights on your head!!heee…eee!!! I don’t see it as being good because it will suffocate your hair capillary or capilllaries, for the next growth, because of the nylon or what ever, it is like wearing a hat all the time the hair will not grow.
    Well Malcolm, I am happy with the Lord for you!
    About ignorance : is perhaps a lack of education, not always the person’ fault, depending on many circumstances or life style or country of birth, or mental capacity, or it can be a lack of interest. It is like justice the laws that man has made, and there are many, too many that he looses himself, so he calls upon a lawyer, but even the lawyer’s do not know all of the law’s in every field of life, because man is also changing them often, that is why they need to specialize in one direction, and even then you have one that is better than another, and often they must look up on a subject as they do not or cannot remember them all, except for the one’s they use regularly, but we don’t know until we have had the experience with him!
    So what am I saying here ?
    We can never know it all, and does that really matter, does that make one a better or a worst person than the other???
    God has the best Wisdom of all!
    It comes with truth and heart!
    God Bless you Malcolm and your family!

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