Sep 222016

I still don’t believe it, but I’ve been ill today. Let me explain:

From the start I’ve been measuring my weight on our old scales. They are about 30 years old and subject to both Einstein and Heisenberg.

·       The weight reading depends on the stance and viewpoint of the observer being weighed.
·       The accuracy of the reading itself is definitely uncertain.

But at the last session at the MRI the Macmillan nurse gave me a target.
“You’ve lost about 10 Kg since this started. But you are still 77Kg, If you can maintain that, or more likely just lose weight slowly, then you should be able to finish your second chemo.”

So yesterday my wife bought a new set of scales from Tesco. And the results shocked me, according to the new scales I am 80Kg.
These are new scales, and maybe not up to NHS standard, but I can’t believe they are 3Kg out.
So I weighed myself again on the tatty old scales, and the change is about plus 2Kg.

That’s the first significant gain in weight for months. I spent last night in shock, and this morning I weighed myself again, just to be sure.
That’s when it seems to have hit me. I started to feel nauseous, then I got cold.   Finally I was sick, all the symptoms of a migraine in fact, except no headache.
I’m feeling better now, but I can only assume the relief of tension from the news was just too much for me.

So good news has made me ill.  That is just plain ludicrous! But I have no better explanation.

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  2 Responses to “A Ludicrous Situation”

  1. Hi Malcom!
    Do you remember me?
    My name is Ana Lucia Dultra, brazilian woman. I lived in your house in 2012 at the same time of Raquel and Marcelo.
    I have read you blog about your cancer. I am so sorry about this.
    But God is driving ours lives.
    I love you and Beryl, you are in my heart.
    Light for you.

  2. To see a world in a grain of sand
    And heaven in a wild flower
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
    And eternity in an hour.

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