Mar 292016

I’ve made a discovery. I can eat little chopped-up cubes of gammon.

We had gammon for Sunday dinner, and it didn’t go well. I ate two small helpings. Even added together they were just pathetic. But afterwards I tried cutting up the rest of the gammon into small cubes, about the size of toffees. and it worked. I’ve now got a bowl full of them, and I’m eating them just like a kid eating toffee. Not all at once, I can’t take that, but every few minutes, and it’s got more meat down me than I’ve had in days.I had a phone call from a doctor-friend in Scotland, with more information. Apparently there’s a nerve in the top of the stomach which stops you eating too much. If the stomach gets too full, then it presses on this nerve, and it tells your brain that the stomach is full and inhibits swallowing. Guess where the cancer is pressing. That’s why I can’t eat.  Now that information is useful.

I got ruminating yesterday at church. Easter Sunday, so the subject was the resurrection, first for Jesus, then for us.

The more I thought about the idea of resurrection, the more I like it. Better than daft ideas about wandering around in clouds wearing nighties (no, not the clouds wearing nighties). It can’t be a sort of holy version of zombies rising from graves either. It’s got to be something more complicated that I suspect we’ll only understand when we see it.

But if it means I don’t have a twisted spine, and if it means I can recognise people, because I won’t have prosopagnosia, and my right leg doesn’t look like a still from a 1950’s horrow film (House of Wax anyone?) , and if it means I don’t have cancer, then frankly it sounds like a right good idea.

At this point I realised I’d missed the sermon. Oops!


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  1. Gammon toffees! How about some chicken cough drops or beef butterscotch’s?
    Sending virtual hugs from Hereford.

  2. Dear Malcolm,
    I keep on reading your blog thought it is hard for me as I can feel you very much. Sounds crazy but in the late weeks and month I learned that -of a lot of other wired things- I am hyper sensibile -as my little daughter also is- that makes us like leaves in a storme where we are the leaves and the storme are people’s emotions are the storme.
    Have you ever been reading a book -no matter said or happy- and felt into a crying session or listening to a song and doing the same.
    That is what happens to us every then and when.

    That is what makes it hard for me to read your words as I feel nearly every pain and move behind. But I keep on with it as maybe that is my way to be close to you as a friend.
    And I try to send you energy and strength by that.

    As I don’t pray much this is not my usual way to be close but in your case I will.

    I promise we will meet again and have a proper lunch so you have to keep up with that, get well again so I can fulfill my promise. (Am talking about eating, no soup nor liquid lunch trough tubes!)

    Wish you well and strength

  3. Last night Margaret and I watched 3DVDs back to back. Fortunately, I was the one facing the telly.

  4. oh yes the best is yet to come! A beautiful resurrection body will be all yours Malcolm ! In the meantime keep eating the gammon toffees. God bless .

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