Oct 242016

Yesterday was very stressful. SheWhoMustBeObeyed made me buy new trousers. I really do not understand the female attitude on this matter. Yes I know this sounds sexist, but all the evidence I see is that something like 90% of all women share this viewpoint.

True there was a slight problem or two. Now that my weight seems to have settled about 75Kg / just under 12 stone there is a small excess of waist on the trousers bought in my 90Kg /’ 14 stone days. And I freely admit that there was a small rip in what was my best pair, only about 4 inches, and it was in a somewhat strategic place.

But as I pointed out, these two issues could easily be regarded as resolving each other.

The excess waist could have provided the spare material not merely to darn the rip but also to strengthen the somewhat transparent nature of some parts of the seat.

This would solved the two major issues and ensured against future ULP (Underpants Line Problems).

I still feel these were valid arguments. After all I have spent several decades wearing these trousers in. They have become used to me, they are comfortable. They have sentimental value, the small burned holes in the left upper leg remind me of one of the more successful barbeques we had four years ago. Women really do not seem to appreciate these details.

So Saturday I was informed that I had decided to buy new trousers. I protested, I pointed out that since I was still on chemo my weight might change again. After all it has only been stable for the last month. All was to no avail.  Even worse the other women in the family, the Dangerous Redhead, the Secret Redhead and the Wolfgirl, they all joined in against me.

So after a mercifully short visit to Broadstone Mill, I now have four new pairs of trousers. What is worse they are all in different shades, heather brown, navy blue, grey and black. I am finding this gaudiness hard to cope with.

Such is married life.

Anyway on Tuesday we will have been married to me for 47 years and we are going out to the Chinese buffet. One good aspect of this week without medication is that I will be able to taste the food properly this time. I’m looking forward to it, and as a peace offering I’ve agreed to wear my new trousers, the grey ones.

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  1. For an intelligent man you are quite silly!
    You’ve said it yourself – “SheWhoMustBeObeyed” – don’t waste valuable oxygen or brain cells coming up with a reasonable defence! Hope you’re both well.x

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