Mar 262016

Not too good today. I’m finding eating very difficult. No appetite and I feel very full, even though I’ve hardly eaten.

We’re going to the hospital.  More later.


Nice people at the hospital, but they say there’s not much they can do. My gut is working, and the symptoms fit the results of cancer messing upthe appetite. They suggest we ring the MacMillan nurse tomorrow and the ontology secretary Tuesday.

I read the booklets on cancer of the gullet. They are scary. The surgery is drastic, and they make it clear it’s a best available option, rather than a good one.

The pain will be bad, very bad. I’ll be fed through a tube into the stomach for several days, and on liquid stuff after that. My appetite may never recover.

There’s also a 6% chance it will kill me.

Stuff being brave. I had a crying session. I’m scared.



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  2 Responses to “A very brief note”

  1. sending you lots of love Malcolm. There is a 94% chance it will not kill you. xx

  2. You are in my thoughts Malcolm

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