Jul 312016

This morning the physio came round to get Malclom’s legs  working. The next thing  the nurse had to do was gather up all his tubes and instruments of  torture and follow him quickly down the ward as he walked to the nurses station. Every one was amazed and they had to tell him to slow down so the nurses could keep up with him. He got back to his chair and washed his hand and face.

However this afternoon his pain killer slipped out of his back and he was in agony for a while  before the tube was safely back in. So he slept a lot this afternoon. More drains have come out and the  x rays are showing all is clearing up well. The nurses will try a drink tomorrow to see if there is any leakages around the join in his oesophagus. If not they can start more fluids naturally.

His breathing is not so strong today but the nurses say that is because the bruising internally will be coming out now and not to worry. I saw his wound today as the dressing was changed. He will have an 8 inch scar round his back and side but it is healing nicely.

Number 1 son and family visited today so we have seen all our family over the last 2 days . Lovely.

I left him tonight  sitting in the chair again talking to  number 3 son whilst I came home to number 2 son and a bag of Lake district homegrown gooseberries  for when Malcolm can eat again. He loves gooseberries. Funny  man.


Update tomorrow. Bye for now.

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