Apr 292016

I’m back.  And shattered.  We got to The Christie at 0820 and left at 2150.  On the way back my son the Engineer got fish and chips from a local chippie, and I ate a whole fish.

Now I feel better, but still shattered and very tired. But I’ll write as much as I can.

08:30, blood checks, then hang around for 2 hours waiting for the call for chemo.

11:00 up to chemo,   Sign consent forms, take the anti-vomit tablets, get fitted to a canulla and introduced to a metal hatstand which will carry the drip bags feeding the chemo into me.  Remember they are going pump about 5 litres into me and  feed me 3 cups of tea.  I will have to take the hatstand with me to the toilets very often. What’s worse I must perform into a cardboard funnel and write my bed number on the bottle, so they can keep track of input and output. I tried to do it using just one crutch, didn’t work, so I left the crutches by my bed and got as much support from the hatstand as I could. Worked fairly well, would have worked even better if the hatstand wheels hadn’t been made by the people who do the wheels for supermarket shopping baskets.

12:30 start the chemo with a dark stuff which goes in fats and turns your wee bright pink.  I thought I’d better mention  that first before my loving family get in first.  (I’m in trouble anyway, the Dangerous Redhead is already out to get me, see tonight’s post.

13:30 Start pumping in 1 lt saline

14:45 Start pumping in 1 lt of chemo – this takes over 4 hours

19:00 Another lt of saline

20:30 0.5 lt of Magnesium

21:30 Flush everything out with a bit more saline and kick me out.

I’d hoped to get some work done, no chance. I felt too spaced out and weird.  Towards the end I felt headachy as well.  I finished off a couple of books and tried finishing another on my kindle, but I could not concentrate.

But I’m home. I got through the fear (at times blind fear), and now I’m just relieved.

For now I just feel drained, but happy. Talk more

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  6 Responses to “After Chemo”

  1. Praying

  2. You seem to be keeping your sense of humour thank goodness. Always in my prayers.


  3. All that metal and salt would turn you into a marvel super-hero if it wasn’t for the pink wee. First day done, hugely well done x

  4. Sounds like you have had a hell of a day, but at least positive things are starting to happen.

  5. He has so many tablets to take we hope we can remember them all and in the right order at the right time.
    i am just wondering what other colours he will turn now. We’ve had green from radio activity yesterday and pink wee today what next i wonder.!

    • Hello Beryl!
      There are little pill boxes with days and hours on them to help arrange!
      I hope Malcolm doesn’t have to take them all in one go!

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