May 012016

A mixed day.  I’ve eaten better than usual (haggis with veg, rice and scotch broth used as a gravy), so I’m happy that way, but I’ve had problems as well.

I’ve had a headache all day, not dreadful, not a migraine, but annoying.  I spoke to the Christie hotline, and they think it could well be a side effect of the anti-nausea drug or more likely a flareup of my blocked sinuses. OK, I don’t like it, but I’ll live with it.

More worrying, I’ve been thirsty all day, and passing a lot of urine. This is not in the list of expected symptoms, and The Christie advised me to contact the out-of-hours people as it looked a bit like diabetes.

GoToDoc rang me back, but decided not to bring me in immediately because I really should not be around sick people and arranged a phone interview first.

Well it saved me the usual boring wait in the hospital, so I decided to make myself useful by taking my own blood pressure (slightly raised) and tempurature (normal)

The doctor rang back a few hours later. Diabetes does not start so quickly, she reckoned it was a side effect of one of the drugs which could cause raised blood sugar, which would then imitate the effects of diabetes.  Most of the drugs have now finished, except for the cancer drugs themselves, because they were just for stopping nausea so this thirst should clear up.  Frankly I’d rather keep running to the toilet for a wee than running there to be sick.  If the thirst does not clear up today, or if I go over 37.5 oC  I should contact them immediately.

Well they warned me it would be hard.  But i did manage to sign off a bit of work, so some benefit there.

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  1. Yes I agree with you, it is better to go to wee, than to go to be sick!

  2. Hello Malcolm! I am glad to read that you have eaten!
    I am not a specialist of any kind and have no medical knowledge Heee…eee at all!! But don’t you think that it is normal for the body to want to be dehydrated (your thirst) after putting all those drugs into it!
    Or is it the Scotch Broth, too much salt ????? Heee…eee!!

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