Mar 222016

We saw the surgeon. It was not good news.

She wants another scan with an ultrasound detector down my throat to check if there is enough gullet left to attach my stomach to. If not, then all bets are off. I wish they had decided on this last week, then I would not have to wait another week, or maybe two, because two holidays around Easter means delays.

If the scan is OK, then there will be several months of chemo, followed by surgery, followed by more chemo. The cancer is advanced enough that it must have shed rogue cells, even though no secondaries are visible, hence the chemo.

How effective the chemo is, is also an issue. The life expectancy for cancer of the gullet is a few years, but it’s a bell curve with some people not getting any extra and others going on for years.  It’s a gamble, if I choose to take it. Pay a high price and if you win, you get years more – but you might not win.

I never understood why people wanted to gamble on horses. Life is a gamble, you must take risks to achieve anything, so you weigh up the odds and take a calculated risk. I’ll place the bet.  Pity there’s no each way betting allowed. Still my church are praying for me.  (Or is that cheating the odds?)

I’ve just realised, I’ve now had a CT scan, a PET scan, an MRI scan, and now I’m having an ultrasound scan. Does this count as a full set?  Can I shout “House” and win a cuddly toy?

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  4 Responses to “… and not so good news”

  1. Only a cuddly toy, what happened to the sliding doors and the conveyor belt, not to mention Isla Stclair ?

  2. Malcolm , I am reading your blog in Lanzarote and thinking of you , you can only take it a day at a time. If you have a choice of cuddly toy, don’t have one of the big ones you can’t get them home easily. Have one of the little ones with really soft fur love to Beryl xxxxx

  3. Yes, you win a cuddly toy. May God bless you, Malcolm.

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