Apr 192016

Tomorrow morning is the day I go for my first visit to The Christie – the specialist cancer hospital.The appointment is for 10:20, but the nice lady who rang me with the appointment asked me to come in at 9:20 so they can do all the blood tests before I get to see the specialist.

So by High Noon I should know what they have planned.

Meanwhile I’m still trying to sort out the handover of various remaining bits of work. Somehow it never quite happens!

Getting lots of emails from people I knew at school (Hi Bryan) or corresponded with in various online groups (Hi Kimberli). One thing in common, they are very very kind people, and their emails, their good wishes and their prayers do help.

Another good food discovery. I can eat spring greens (very dark green cabbage – type plant) with gravy. Every little helps.

And just to cheer me up:

One of my favourite programmes is a scandi-noir who-dun-it set in Wales called Y Gwyll (Welsh) / Hinterland (English). Last year I missed the start of a new series, which annoyed me intensely.

I’ve just found out the English version is being shown on BBC4 next week. So I get to see it after all. Excellent!




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  1. Have you tried purple sprouting if you can manage spring greens? Maybe with a bit of cheese sauce? It’s my favourite – apart from chocolate – obviously! Keeping all fingers & toes crossed for you for next week.

  2. Thinking of you dear friend. Your personality shines through. Love always from Barbara Ann Orr (new name – same hug)

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