Nov 112016

Sorry for the outage.  Start of the week was bad.  My wife’s PC started to play up.

A quick check found that the hard drive had been corrupted.  Attempts to fix it were a pathetic failure, so I ended up having to reformat the C drive.

Fortunately we keep all data on separate drives, mainly the D = Data drive, so they were not damaged, but I had to reinstall Windows.

Half way through doing the reinstall I noticed problems accessing the net.  Then suddenly the entire net disappeared.  Panic, no emails, no work, and all this  just be my wife’s drama group put on their play, “The Importance of being Ernest”, and we are the ones receiving thebookings and PayPal payments.

We got it fixed.  Turns out the login it uses internally to start the link to our broadband provider got corrupted.  One of my colleagues reset it and said try that.

So I did and got over a hundred emails.

And just to add a bit more grief, I thought I had my wife’s email all on drive D, and safely backed up.  I was wrong.  I lost it and had to go and grovel.  Still she was very nice about it. She told me she loved me and kissed me.

So now, well there’s more posts  to come.  There’s the play, there’s the visit to the Christie, and next week the last chemo session.  And what does everybody think of Mr Trump?

And a little poem wot I wrote, which I’ll share tomorrow.

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