Sep 302016

I’m back from the chemo, at last.  No major problems, just lots of niggles and small delays.  The worst bit was when I started to feel a bit spaced out and weird.

So I mentioned this to to SheWhoMustBeObeyed, who told me to tell the nurse, so I did.  She looked worried and stopped the drip and called a doctor.

The doctor checked my vital signs, and asked a few questions.  SheWhoMustBeObeyed said I was be a hypocondriac, which I thought was a bit unfair, because she had told me to report it.

But he decided it was nowt, so they restarted. I think it was probably that I had been trying to read a book, just too much mental effort.

So I sat there bored out of my skull while they slowly dripped poison into me.  Still 4 treatments down, 2 to go.

Then we came home. I still felt queasy, but we decided to call in at the chippie, which was closed. So we went to the next one and got a fish which turned out to be undercooked and to be honest a bit greasy.

Not one of my best days.

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