Beryl Cowen

Aug 202016

These are Malcolm’s dictated words.

I spent the night nil by mouth on a drip, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t move, bored. That was hard.  But it paid off. I had food today which was a pleasure to eat and hopefully I am home tomorrow evening. All is clear.

I met a nurse who turned out to be an ex Sunday School pupil of mine from 30 years ago and she remembered me. What a small world. Continue reading »

Aug 192016

4.00 am today  Malcolm was re-admitted to a surgical ward as he was in such pain. Many tests later he is being kept in to see where and what the infection is and nil by mouth. He is back to the drip feeds as well. He is a little better especially as his cancer nurse reassured him he was actually doing fine and all this was to  be expected after the surgery he had. Also his heart rate is speedy and they put this down to the pneumomia he had last week. It is amazing what you find out if you wait long enough. No wonder he is very tired. No one had told me this. Continue reading »

Aug 192016

Unfortunateyl Malcolm has had to be re-admitted to the MRI ( 4.00a.m.this morning) as his stomach pains worsened and he became lethargic. New surgery and/or antibiotics are on the cards but surgery is likely.

We are in God’s hands.

Aug 142016


We ( An old friend and number 1 son and myself )were told to collect Malcolm at 2.30 but when we got there he had been sick as a result we think of  an antibiotic he should not have had. So we packed everything up we could and came home. It took 3 of us to get everything stowed away.  I also  was taught how to change his chest bag and give him an inter muscular injection. Nurse Beryl is learning a new career at 69 not bad. Continue reading »

Aug 132016

Once again Malcolm has been told he may go home tomorow and once again this is looking unlikely as another infection has been found on the feed tube entry point. He has been  prescribed antibiotics again and this time they are the ones that give him bad side effects, so I hope he stays in a bit longer to get all the help he will need. Also a swab has been taken so we need to await the results of that as well. It all takes time. Unfortunately this has done nothing to improve his emotions and  Malcolm is still very depressed. He needs taking out of himself so any ideas will be welcome. Continue reading »

Aug 132016

Due to leakages and feeling unwell Malcolm was not allowed home today. So depression set in and he was not good company all day. When  he feels sorry for himself   he really does it well and  cannot cope. Temperature and  bloods all normal so what is going on I have no idea. It appears being on crutches may be hindering the lung healing  and so he must now try to walk with one and then none to get the leak healed.  It was a difficult day for both of us.


Aug 112016

All being well Malcolm will be home tomorrow. However we had a long chat with the doctor to day and  the fight is just starting.  He will not be allowed to drive for six months and will need daily medication and injections for some time. I will be giving him  blood thinning injections and  washing out his food tube and the district  nurse  will be looking at his chest drain wound which is still leaking.  He will have fortnightly visits to the hospital as well as chemo at Chrsities to  come.  He has lost some weight due to  stomach trouble but that is abaiting and he should be fine.  The doctors are pleased with  him and do not seem worried re the discharge either. It seems to happen when he uses his crutches as he puts a strain on  the side muscles. At home he does not use them in the house so should be better.

If people wish to visit please phone  first so as not to tire him out.  He is champing at he  bit to come home and be as normal as possible. (Malcolm normal?)


Aug 102016

Malcolm is now  on half strength painlkillers and managing well. He is getting demob happy and making lots of plans for when he comes home. It must be hard though to see other patients go home before him but they have not had the extensive surgery he has. He is managing on one crutch at present getting his balance back so it is looking good for him to be home at weekend. He has his laptop now so  hopefully will be writing here soon.

More tomorrow. It is Men from The Ministry time on radio 4 extra. Then bed.


Aug 102016

With the drain out Malcolm is much better even though the hole is still leaking. He has been told he can leave the  ward and go for walks  to help his lungs repair and also to do more breathing exercises. He has gained so much weight he  does not need food supplements at present. So I was shown how to flush out the food  peg each day until it is removed in a few months time. He is sleeping better and there is now an end in sight to be home this weekend. Continue reading »

Aug 082016

Today at last Malcolm had the  last drain removed. Almoast immediately his breathing improved and he was able to move freely. There is still a lot of leakage from the drain site but the nurses say it is better this way then sealed up. He was certainly better when I left. I had a lot of washing to do tonight. 3 pyjamas and a dressing gown all steeped in plasma but they are ready for me to drop in tomorrow morning early. Everything else is going smoothly and he is eating well and still having a nightly  supplement through the ilium.

I’m ready for bed now. I need my beauty sleep even more now. ( Don’t say a word!)