Aug 242016

Well I’m back again.  Hopefully for the last time. And I’ve had the results of the histology – mixed!

First of all, why I went back in to the MRI.

Basically it was a perfect storm.

  • I’ve had pneumonia. Together with all the other stuff it’s meant I’ve had so much antibiotics that it’s killed all the good bacteria in my gut. This is the cause of the constipation / diarrhoea cycle.
  • The nausea was bad, and stopped my eating and drinking, which caused dehydration and increased pulse rate.
  • I tried to do too much and overstrained myself. (I have been seriously told off for this and various Hideous Threats have been made.)

I have now been hydrated by a drip and have agreed to behave myself and be a Good Boy and so I can come home. (This last statement was made completely voluntarily and without any kind of compulsion and the wounds are healing very well).

I also got the results of the histology report.

It was a very large cancer, T3. Of 12 glands tested 3 showed positive for cancer and traces of cancer where also found elsewhere, so it must have been quite a long time coming.

The key question was my prognosis. Statistically for similar cancers the 5 year survival rate is 20% to 40%.

That is not what I wanted to hear. 20% may be a lot more than zero, but it’s a lot less than 100%. It is however what I was prepared for, and the doctor handled it well, so I thanked her.

Now I’m thinking very hard.

1, For software I cannot take new clients on, and I must set existing work in order for a good handover.

2, For stories and Murder Mysteries I want to put down all the ideas I have had, so that can be enjoyed.

3, For the various songs and poems I need to get them written down and arranged to music, so I can get them properly publicized and registered with the various copyright people.

That should keep me fairly busy.

And the main priority is clear: What can I do to improve the 20% chance to a higher number.






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  2 Responses to “Back once more.”

  1. Planning such a range of intellectual activity puts most of us to shame. Its not a competition, but really Malcolm, the 5 years of focus will be a joy for all of us. So lets share the achievement of some of these ambitions.

  2. Malcolm my thoughts are with you. Sending you both strength and support


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