Jul 252016

Sorry for the missing days. There was wifi at the campsite, but the PC would not connect (the phones would!).

We had a few good days of holiday. Down to Aberystwyth to see some of the landscapes for Hinterland / Y Gwyll. We ended up going down a 15 mile or so single track road through the mountains, very different and good fun.

Then Saturday we came home via a wedding. We nearly missed it!. First Susan the SatNav took us down the wrong side of the Afon (River) Conwy. I spotted the error as we came to the next bridge and saw we had overshot.  At the moment Susan told me to turn right, which I decided not to do as it would have meant driving into a drystone wall. Then she started getting hysterical (typical woman) saying “turn right” repeatedly until I decided to cross the river.  That shut her up till we reached the middle of the bridge, when she started insisting on another right turn, which I declined to do on the grounds that the vehicle is not waterproofed.

We found it in the end, by dead reckoning and a quick phone call to the bride (we were 100 yds away).  I did exercise great restraint and refrained from throwing Susan into the Afon.

It was not just us, we later found anothe guest had the same problem. Still it was a very good wedding and we got back last night at 11pm totally shattered.

I’ve done a lot of walking, which I hope will please my physio, and now it’s counting down the days to the op.

I’ve written my instructions for the case where I (1) die and (2) survive.  In the (1) case I’ve offered my brain to the people doing research into prosopagnsia, so they can find out a bit more about what makes wierdo’s like me tick, or in this case, not tick.

Now I’ve got 3.5 days to clear everything up.


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  1. Will be praying for an overwhelming awareness, of the presence of the one who ‘started the good work’ in both you and Beryl and who most certainly will complete it. Life serves up some utter rubbish sometimes, thankfully God always serves up the desert! xx

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