Aug 212016

Still in hospital with the same problem. Test results soon  but  Malcolm will be in for a while yet. Eating OK and  he is in the right place for now. Staff are lovely. These nurses never seem to  have a break.

But Malcolm is grumpy as there seems no end to this at present.

We met up with a friend’s uncle today in the same ward. He had fallen 50 feet down a cliff and had a fractured pelvis. So Malcolm spent a pleasant half an hour talking about broken limbs and comparing traction methods.  ( Malcolm’s traction was 40 yeare ago and very different).  Lovely chap he is.  At least Malcolm is mobile for this poor man is strapped to his bed for 6 weeks.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Beryl, send all my best wishes to Malcolm. I do hope he is feeling better soon and that you both manage to rest in the next few days. Julie xx

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