Nov 202016

I’m 70 today, I don’t believe it.  We actually decided to postpone the thing till January when I should be feeling better, but various people called round to wish me well, and I got to see a friend from school when I was 8, whose birthday is 2 days later then mine.

I don’t feel 70. 70 is old people who sit around reminising about the old days and doing nothing useful.  I’m still having too much fun from life.

Even this year, which I had written off as a dead loss because of the cancer has been worthwhile.  Sure there have been some bad days, some very bad days, but I’ve still achieved a lot.

  • I’ve written up most of my work stories on this site,
  • I’ve done several translations from Welsh, which are going down well.  Beryl’s choir are using two of them (Calon Lan and Men of Harlech) in a concert to raise money for Macmillan nurses.
  • I’ve done several Murder Mystery plots one of which (Green Cyanide) the Levenshulme Players will use on Dec 10 at Levenshulme Inspire.
  • I’ve got a collection of short stories nearly ready, just one story to complete, and get everything checked.

And I’ve survived. I think it’s been a good day.


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  3 Responses to “My Birthday, and a good day”

  1. ? ? Happy Belated Birthday ? ?
    Hope you got to eat cake 🙂

  2. Congratulations Malcolm on reaching 70. May God bless you and Beryl always.
    With kindest regards,
    Ian and Rosemary

  3. You should change the picture on your blog – to show off your new curls! And sorry to add agreement to the female contingent’s thinking, but you look great!

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