Sep 212016

I’m feeling much better since I dropped the painkiller. and we had a nice surprise.

We’ve been trying to keep track of my weight, and it has become increasingly clear that our tatty old bathroom scales are just not up to the job.

Enter a nice new set from Tesco, and a nice surprise.

Last week at The Christie my weight was 77Kg.  Today on the new scales it is 80Kg.

I think I want to wait and see what the posh scales at The Christie say, but if this is true then I’m putting weight on!

All I was asked to do is only lose weight slowly. I’m beating that – I think.

And I’m starting to look at some work again, not much, but it is a start.

I’m going back to the collection of linked short stories that I want to publish as well. They are about a world where a plague has wiped out 99.99% of the population .  No bug-eyed monsters, no zombies, it’s as realistic as I can make it, including an absolutely true bit about the British Space Programme before it was cancelled. That was another goal I’d set myself, and had to let slip because I just felt so bad. So hopefully we should see that coming fairly soon.

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