Mar 272016

I felt a bit better today, eventually.  It started off bad when I tried to contact the MacMillan nurses. I’ve been given 3 names, and they were all on holiday . Two of them had answerphone messages which advised me to ring the other one.

I felt pretty bad. Then a friend rang from church. She’d read my blog, and she reminded me that she’s a MacMillan nurse. She could not give any specific data, but she could talk in  general terms, and she did.It helped a lot.

Visited a son (the Engineer) and his family. I’m very proud of them, Mum, Dad and the two girls. I think the change helped me as well.  I got home and managed to get down a whole bottle of the liquidised food. Looks and tastes just like mud. I wanted so much to be sick, but I wasn’t.

It does turn out that the idea of putting in a tube to feed stuff directly into the stomach is not as horrific as it sounds. Apparently it’s quick, easy and safe. So maybe that’s one nasty detail the less.

Tired now. I’ll write more in the morning.

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