Jun 242016

Today’s clue is EMM.  In fact I’ll go further:

Does this help?


The first two lines are just the leadin, which is why I started with TDD.  And remember I’m counting DOWN.

Surely someone can get it now?

There’s 8 days to the end of my chemo, but today was my last Christie Review.  I had a Surgery School at the MRI as well, so today was busy.

The result was that my blood looked good, I have put weight back on, and all signs are good.  The next step is the scan and the results thereof.

As for the Surgery School, I’ll say more tomorrow.   Radio 4 is suggesting a long night and a strong possibility of a Leave vote.   I’m going to bed.

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  2 Responses to “EMM – Christie Review and Referendum”

  1. Eight More M ?

  2. I have the answer but will keep mum. SSS

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