Jun 272016

Four days to go to end of chemo. We’ve decided we’re going to celebrate at a Chinese Buffet, probably Tuesday when the effect of the medication on my taste buds has worn off.

Meanwhile here’s the latest clues


And congratulations to Lyn for getting the correct answer.  That makes two winners.

[Bitter cynical rant warning]


I’ve had various comments back on Brexit, from various sides.  I’ll restrict myself to just a few embittered comments (and I’ll try to be even handed).

Mr Farage explained that he didn’t actually agree with the £350M / week claim by the Leave side.  It was just a slogon and not something anybody could promise.   Lookd awfully like a promise to me.

Someone else (I can’t remember the name) explained that we could leave but still keep free trade and free movement of labour.   You ca’t have free movement of labour and still take back control of your borders.

Mr Osbourne assured us last week that a vote for Leave would neccessitate an emergency budget with huge cuts and higher taxes.  Yesterday the good news was that this will not be required, due to his expert handling of the economy.  The economic outlook certainly changes rather fast these days.

And today Mr Osbourne assured the market there was no need to panic. For some reason nobody seemed to believe him.

I think we could have a new competition, after this one ends.  Ask people to name as many members of the Shadow Cabinet as they can.  We can run a fresh competion every day, after all the answers will certainly be different every day.




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