Dec 052016

Still counting down, and still finding the waiting hard.We went on Saturday to Preston to see my son’s choir (The British Aerospace choir from Warton and Salmsbury) sing at a recording of Radio Lancashire’s Christmas programme.

They were excellent.

And afterwards we went to Frankie and Benny’s in Blackburn for a meal.  I ordered a rack of ribs and ate the lot.  I felt quite chuffed about that.  Tonight we had mackeral and chips, and I ate a normal helping.  I’m sure my intake limit is increasing.

Only one problem.  All these women keep saying my new curly hair looks “cute”.  “Cute” – I ask you, is that the label to apply to a grumpy old man in his seventies.

I think Scrooge had it right.

Ba! Humbug! To the lot of them.


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  2 Responses to “Five, Four”

  1. You say the nicest things!

  2. Malcolm you remind me of The Grinch…

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