Apr 172016

First an apology.

I didn’t do the blog last night. I remembered in bed, and decided I wasn’t that committed. So I’m doing it first thing Sunday morning.

The reason was that was shattered. I spent Saturday afternoon helping my son clear our outhouse of spare wood.  That’s because we are getting a new gas fire and to help my wife’s drama group.

It’s a bit complicated.

We’ve always left one open fire (smokeless fuel) in the front room.  What I wanted was to replace it by a woodburner, so for the past few years I’ve not been chucking any old wood away. I’ve built up quite a good collection, though for some strange reason my wife didn’t seem too happy about it.

However now I’m facing several months of recovery from repeated chemo and a very major operation and this changes the parameters.

As the man of the house it is of course my decision, and I was informed last week that I had changed my mind. We are now having a gas fire, because it is less hassle. So the wood has to go. So one of my sons came round on Saturday with a circular saw which he had borrowed off his father-in-law and a huge pile of strong plastic sacks.

As a side issue, this frees up space for the lighting equipment from Beryl’s drama society “Levenshulme Players” which can now live where the coal bunker used to be, so now there is room in the hall to carry large objects through, like new gas fires for example.

Meanwhile I’m finding eating harder. We’ve not yet resorted to the ghastly prescription food, but it’s taking more inventiveness. I’ll say more about the prescription food another day.

And it is  a very nice gas fire.



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  1. I also have ( a closed in fireplace with a fan blowing out the heat) when there is wood in it of course.
    I can tell you that it is a great deal of hard work, because first I have to find the wood, at the beaches when there are heavy rains, or up in the hills when the trees have been cut, etc and then there is the cutting splitting stacking etc the dust often when I am not attentive when I open the door to put more in, as I do heat about 6 months (I know people think that in the South of France we do not need to heat) but that is not true) day and night as we are use to the warmth and need it all year!! Well I do !!! and the houses are not really made for humidity and cold weather! and yes it does consume a lot of wood ! I need about 20 stere or more, as that is the only way of heating!

  2. Yes Dear
    ( I know when I’m beaten )

  3. I have always wanted a wood burner, but after my daughter bought one I realised how much wood it eats so I went for a new gas fire instead!

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