May 312016

As of midday today I was 50% through my course of chemo. After taking my evening dose I am into the second half.

It’s been a long stretch. But the worst is past.  I’ve had two of the three infusions and I am just finishing the down part of the second cycle.  But it’s hard.

Food tastes wierd. I am permanently tired, and every meal  has to be assessed if it is near enough to 9am/9pm to allow me to take my tablets within 30 minutes after a meal.

And Oh I am so tired.  Today I had a bath and after drying myself sat on my bed for nearly an hour trying to get enough willpower to stand up and get dressed.

But talking to others at the Christie I am having it easy. They are being taken to A&E for emergency treatment, and pulled off the chemo altogether.


Still the photos from yesterday appear to have produced the expected set of ribald remarks, eg from Small Rice this slight distortion of the truth,

“I liked the photos of you pretending to be a schoolgirl, etc.   As for the naked/unnaked photos, I’m not sure which is more scary.”

For Irene: It was Letitia, not Lolita.   Get it Right!  Letitia was a rather soppy character in Girl magazine which my big sister got in the 1950s.  Lolita was something else entirely.  Oh and a Bovver Boy is a “A hooligan who creates bother (trouble), specifically a member of a skinhead gang.” (Wiktionary).

Really, I go to all the trouble of producing literate humour with yer actual intellectual jokes, and what do I get from the hoi polloi and sans-culottes.  I blame the Government!


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  1. Yes! Malcolm I did get it wrong , Don’t get upset! Don’t get grumpy,I did say I enjoyed your photos and the comments were just for fun, as were your photos! I do suppose you enjoyed yourself doing them! Don’t forget you are English!!!!!!! Heeee…eee!!! I am not! Half of what you talk about in your life I do not know, like (Girl magazines etc but even if you discussed literature with an American or a Australian they may not agree with you because you are English!!!! Heeee…eee!!! Don’t let your head rule over your heart, fill the heart with more important matter! Wishing you a God-day! <3

  2. I only replied so I could do a times sum. Half the time, I don’t know what on earth you’re blathering on about! Anyway, still praying for you.

  3. Malcolm, I LOVE the pictures. I like Beach the best but Dave prefers Pokemon! I agree that a bald head definitely requires some getting used to as well as a range of hats for warm and cold weather. You are absolutely right about the head feeling ultra-sensitive. (I speak from experience having had a rebellious head-shaving period in the late eighties.)

    Great to hear you are doing well and enjoying your food 🙂

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