Aug 202016

These are Malcolm’s dictated words.

I spent the night nil by mouth on a drip, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t move, bored. That was hard.  But it paid off. I had food today which was a pleasure to eat and hopefully I am home tomorrow evening. All is clear.

I met a nurse who turned out to be an ex Sunday School pupil of mine from 30 years ago and she remembered me. What a small world.

The surgeon who assisted at my operation was on the ward and called in to see how I was doing even though I am not his patient now.  He was also pleased with me and said all the problems I have had are not unusual and they all clear up in weeks. I have hope of being normal again.

The staff have been great getting me extra drinks and toast at whatever time I am hungry. They are wonderful.

The hardest part about being unwell is when you have no hope and  no reality of the pain ending. But now I know these problems are only for a while I have hope and can carry on. When you know it will finish you cope.  I will not give up.

Everyone needs hope.

Roll on tomorrow.

As for Beryl she put her feet up on my bed and went to  sleep!


  One Response to “Hard but hopeful”

  1. Malcolm and Beryl, my mum got me a funny musical quotes book. How about this one.
    Beethoven after hearing an opera by another composer
    ” I like your opera – I think I will set it to music”
    I suspect Beethoven was not known for being encouraging! However some of his music might be more hopeful xx

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