Aug 162016

Nearly did not make it.

Friday the side drain wound broke open during the final physio check, so they kept me in.

Sunday they said I could go at 2pm.  At 13:30 I started vomitting, so they kept me in for another 3 hrs observation.

Now I’m back!

The day started badly. I slept badly and woke up feeling revolted by the idea of food.  So I dined on small helpings of cereal and later a whole bacon slice.

It’s slowly got better through the day.  I’ve not eaten anything like normal, but I had one of the concentrates, which helped, and I am feeling a bit hungrier now.

So far I’ve gone through several 100 emails, and we both feel I’ve improved a lot during the day.

I’ll write more tomorrow.  First I want to send some targetted thanks, including to the medical staff who looked after me so well.

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  2 Responses to “I am returned”

  1. Lovely to have you back, Malcolm. Beryl has done a wonderful job of keeping us informed (and entertained) while you’ve been away. I’m looking forward to finding out if you have had sausage, gammon or haggis yet, today 🙂 Julie xx

  2. Have been following your blog since Beryl’s phone call. Wonderful news you are home. God is good!
    Angela & Peter

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