Apr 152016

Today was the check if I be fit for surgery.

Opening line from Anaesthetist was “Do you know why you are here?”

“Yes, I have an adenocarcinoma of the oesophogus”

Apparently some people get this far and still don’t know what they are here for.

Next they gave me a tube to blow into to check my lung capacity. Now I have seen x-ray’s of my lungs and I know the left lung is significantly smaller than the right because of my scoliosis (twisted spine).  What’s more all that area was smashed up pretty badly in my accident 40 years ago. To my surprise I came out as only slightly below normal – which frankly was rather encouraging.

Then they asked me to change into shorts. At this point I discovered the t-shirt my allegedly loving wife had packed for me. It had a logo and slogon. Fortunately for our marriage they asked me to remove the t-shirt aas they wanted to wire me up before putting me on an exercise bike (not the treadmill I had wondered about).

“Just keep pedalling until it gets too hard. We’ll tell you when it’s 30 seconds to go.”

At first it did get harder, but not uncomfortably so. I was still keeping up speed right to the end. Also when the 30 second warning came I started counting, I reckon I did at least 60 seconds more, maybe more.

The final verdict was that I was in a very good state. The only risk factor is the scoliosis:

  • The smaller left lung will be a risk when they have to collapse the right lung to get access to the gullet.
  • they want to put an epidural in for pain relief. This may not work if they can’t find my spine, or having found it, can’t get a needle in.

The normal mortality rate is 5%  who fail to survive 90 days.  This should be much better for me, as I am fit and healthy (apart from the minor detail of the cancer).  I’m satisfied. I’ll take the risk.

Now we wait for the visit to the Christie on Wednesday, and we pray.


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  1. Hello Malcolm
    Just read this! so I will be going through them one by one! to see how you are getting on!
    It sounds like you are in good health, because I remember once going onto one of those tread machines and I could not do it at all for some reason it was too difficult for me, and I do go out road cycling sometimes,not up hills though, but realize I have no endurance…heee..eee I am only good for short fast races!
    Just think that I got my multiplications wrong!!!oh la la!!!
    Well this one is easy!!!heee..eee!!

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