Apr 122016

I had a phone call this morning. Can I come in Wednesday next week (20-4-16).  The appointment is at 10:20, but come at 9:20 because we need to do lots of tests.

At last. I said yes.

Yes, I know it will be hard, but I am getting weary. Eating is getting harder, waiting is very hard.

I know I have done well so far. my weight is still 87Kg, and various people all say the same, we didn’t expect to see you looking so good.

Thanks, I do appreciate those comments, and they do encourage me, but it is  hard work  keeping up a good enough diet.

So now I have 2 dates.

This Friday at MRI for the checks on heart and lungs to see if I am fit for surgery

Wednesday after at the Christie for the chemo.

And meanwhile I want names for the stuffed donkey.


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  1. Hello Malcolm

    We’ve been following your blog and getting updates from Beryl, and we’re so glad that treatment
    is going to be started soon.

    Name of donkey – Doughnut (because that can be male or female and the donkey looks so sweet

    Peter thinks Ferdinand – no idea why!!!

  2. Glad you’ve finally got some movement. Our prayers continue. Incidentally, forget eating the dates, just prune them from your diet sheet. There’s no raisin why you shouldn’t try them and as you are interested in currant affairs, what about them?

  3. The Wednesday appointment earlier time for arrival is so that they can take bloods. Present yourself at reception, they will find your file and ask you to sit on the pink chairs, as you do that take a ticket from the dispenser next to the clinic. Your number will be displayed and in you go. Following that you will be asked to sit in the blue chairs, from where you name will be called for your consultation.
    Take something to read or a tablet as they do have internet access.

    Now I turn to your diet. Are you sure that two dates are the answer, once you’ve avoided the stone, there is not much left and have you considered the effect that eating lots of dates might have.

    I will write soon about your ongoing electrical problems.

  4. …..and I completely ruined the joke by forgetting to say that Ashame,pronounced “a shame” is Ukranian dialect fof friend. So…Asin Ashame Donkey friends. X

  5. My Son who shares your sense of humour suggests Asin (Welsh for donkey?). He will then buy you another,to be named “Ashame”. He says that you will then have A sin and a shame! Strange child!! X

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