Oct 202016

Complete letdown, no infusion.  Apparently my white cell count is too low.

It’s 0.9, the min acceptable is 1.5.  So they’ve given me 1 week off all medication, then restart next week at the same point and probably quick transfusion.

Bad side: It’s one more week till this is all ended.

Good side: It does avoid a couple of awkward clashes with the drama group, especially the dress rehearsal.  It also means that on our 47 anniversary we can out for a meal and not have the tast spoilt by the medication.

So I spent the day in a bad mood catching up on all sorts of stuff.

Last thought: Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the accident. The one that put me on crutches for 2 years, and gradualy increasing pain for life.  What a good thing I am a sunny tempered kindly gentleman who would never think of complaining.  Yes I am joking, I’m a bad-tempered grumpy old man.  So don’t give me aggro or I’ll come and hit you with my crutches.

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