Oct 182016

Tomorrow is another milestone.  Nr 5 of the 6 day ong infusions.  (3 before the operation, 3 after)

So it is a third of the way through the second lot of chemo.  It is also an utterly crashingly boring time.

You go in early and get your blood samples taken.  Then you are free for a couple of hours while they chack everything.

They call you when they are ready, and put you on a bed. Then they start shoving the muck into you.  The first one is easy, just an injection.  The second take s a bit longer, say 5 mins (this is the one which gives you pink wee).

It’s the third one that is bad.  First an hour of saline to prepare you (or is it two – I can’t remember), then the stuff itself, for 4 hours – FOUR HOURS – then 2 more hours of saline and a quicky of some other stuff with potassium in it.  Add the waits, the delays when the thing stops out of sheer malevolent hardware, and you easily get to 10 or more hours.

You lie there.  The big excitement is every hour or so you have to go to the toilet (pushing a christmas tree of drips etc) and wee into a cardboard bottle (on which you have dutifully written your bed number).

But only two to go, and after tomorrow only one.  After that I assume I’ll just get demob happy.



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  1. Are you sure it’s the chemicals that give you the pink wee, or all the beetroot you have been eating? Lol!!!

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