Nov 172016

That’s it, the last chemo.  I even got to ring the bell for end of treatment (picture below).  (Except for the 20.5 days of tablets)

Ringing the Bell

Ringing the Bell

We got there for 10, but the infusions were delayed.  They are prepared in Stockport and taxi’d over.  Sometimes they get stuck in traffic.  I was glad we had done the bloods yesterday, or it would have been even longer.

As it was we got away just after 8pm.

How was it?  Boring as usual, 9 hours stuck on a bed while they drip poison into you.  Too messed up to do anything useful. I couldn’t read the book I’d brought, I couldn’t even read the Daily Mail my wife bought.  Headachy, athritis pain in my legs, and tired.

So after a full day being stuck on a bed, I came home and went to bed. Sounds rather silly when  you put it that way. But it was My bed.  No tubes attaching me to beeping apparatus,  a decent pillow (why do some people have pillows that collapse down to millilitres of thickness as soon as you put you head on them?) , and I can go to the toilet without having to push a Christmas Tree of drip tubes with me.

It all went well. Hardly any blockages, then 5 minutes from the end the drip stuck. I couldn’t believe it. But the nurse played tunes on the drip control panel, and fixed it. 5 minutes later she said you can go.

Outside the cold air was wonderful, I wouldn’t have minded rain even. It’s done, Gorffenwyd, zu Ende.

And most of all, a huge feeling of release of stress.  I’ve got a mild headache today, which is slowly going, but to be honest I’d expected a migraine.  I feel weepy, but I want to do things as well.

How long now till the next milestone? Well 20.5 days of tablets, and on the 7 Dec I get the first scan.  What I’ll be like the day after I don’t know, but that really will be the end.  Then I find out if I’m going to live, at least till the next scan.

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