Aug 302016

We’ve got the dates now for the next lot of appointments.  Wednesday this week we see the local nurse to have the stomach tube checked out, and then in the afternoon we see the surgeon at the MRI for a full report back on the histology report. The Christie appointment comes 3 weeks later when we go to the notorious Room 42 for the outpatients. The second round of chemo will probably start a week or so later.

We’ll try and book a brief holiday somewhere around those dates, we’re looking at Hexham and Kielder (about 100 miles north near the Scottish border).  It’s countryside we’ve driven through, but never stayed in, and it looks  worth a longer look.  One of the possible places is a former left luggage office, honest!

Meanwhile I ate fairly well today, bacon, sausage, cereal, plaice, stirfry lamb and blueberry crumble, finishing of with a high energy drink.  Fairly active as well, we picked the apples, well actually I pickup the fallen ones while the WolfGirl climbed the tree (any excuse to do something crazy) to actually pick them.  So far we’ve frozen 3 bags full of prepared apple pie filling.

And I got the latest Murder Mystery script ready, so that can go to the drama group, who’ll no doubt pull it to pieces, as they do anything. Rotten lot!  Just because their criticisms of my script are usually correct doesn’t mean they have to go and point them out.

So all in all a very good day.  Still time flies.  In fact there’s one fly crossing in front of my monitor every 23 seconds.

Next post I think I’ll go back and recall how I felt during the darkest bits in the hospital, see if I can put them into print now.

Till then TTFN

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  1. We have more apples to pick and about 150 already to be processed and frozen. We should have enough apples to keep himself in crumbles all year. We watch a film whilst doing them as it passes the monotony away. One peels and tother cuts and packs up. About 6 apples makes a family size crumble and then we freeze them in lemon juice and sugar and they stay white.
    Recipes over. Bye

    • Great instruction Beryl. But a run on the lemons and how MUCH sugar? Ours go brown so started to cook them in the pink! Malcolm keeps the string going so well.

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