Mar 302016

I’ve had a string of comments reported to me from people who read this blog. So far they’ve all been favourable (or maybe just tactful?).  They’ve come from Brazil, Germany (Viel Dank’ Marcus) and Beryl’s Bach choir.

The general opinion seems to be that I  have a warped sense of humour.  This is probably true. After all I do have form in this area. My back is twisted, my right leg is twisted – a twisted sense of humour just completes the set.

Had a visit from the local radio station, AllFm, they wanted to interview me about my writing. I think it goes out next week. Memo, remember to listen.

On the down side, I spoke to the throat scan people. Most of the results will be available for the Doctors Friday meeting, but I still have no idea when I start treatment, or even get to hear if I can be treated.  This is hard.

Haggis for tea, and I was able to eat it

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  1. My mum always says, the last sense you lose is a sense of humour!

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