Nov 292016

Eight days to go. I lost most of yesterday with a headache.  I assumed it was a migraine, but the sumatriptan did nothing for it. I’m putting it down to emotional stress.

Did odd bits of work, did my monthly backups of all PCs, and upgraded the Linux Server to Mint Release Rosa.  Quite impressed, it went quickly, no problems at all, and the new version has the same configurable start menu as the old one, very XP like.

And I got a script back from a reader with some very nice comments. Looks like it might be ready soon.

But first we have a Murder Mystery on Dec 10 at Inspire. Today we took the photographs of the corpse lying in the car in the courtyard of Cartington Hall (actually the entrance to the allotments up by Talleyrand). It appears to have confused at least one local, but never mind, I just hope someone remembered to give him a flyer.

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  3 Responses to “Nine, Eight”

  1. Looking forward very much to the Murder Mystery evening on the 10th – we suspect you will be the
    villain Malcolm!

  2. Thank you Malcolm for making me laugh! I’ve been missing your blog for a couple of weeks and wow, what a catch up I’ve had! Most importantly, you really do look cute with your new hairstyle…….. I want to know if this is going to change your whole image? Will miss the sandals but hey ho!!!!

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