May 292016

I must make an apology. This post was supposed to show photos of me with and without the topping.

This has now been postponed to tomorrow.  I’m not quite sure why, but I am suspicious.

Remember it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.  And we are talking about my family, who are mostly pretty scary anyway.

So we went for a drive through the Pennines instead, which was most enjoyable, but is utterly irrelevant to this post.

And so to bed.   (I’m still worried about these photos.)

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  One Response to “No Piccies yet”

  1. oh! well! that’s alright Malcolm, it is good for you to get out and enjoy!
    If you feel good with the warmth on your head then don’t worry about what we or family say!
    Do you prefer the truth or do you prefer people to agree with you to keep you in a good frame of mind!
    Each person sees it with different eyes, but you are the one that is wearing it, or not!
    We are having a lot of strong winds I wouldn’t suggest for you both to come down because it would not hold on unless you used super glue!!!heee…eeee! and it is quite sunny and hot.
    Actually, I was thinking if your head was suntanned it would look good!

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