Mar 242016

Today wasn’t good.

I felt demotivated, had trouble eating and found myself sitting on the PC playing stupid card game after card game.  One of the foreign students cooked today. I managed to eat one course, but that was all, and it was not her fault. She’s been a good friend, they all have been.

What caused it I don’t know. maybe it was having to sort out various professional memberships like IPSE/PCG and my professional insurance.

It cleared after 10pm, and I’m feeling a bit better now.  I’ve been sitting in front of the fire eating peach slices out of the tin. This is utterly uncivilised and I don’t care.

I’ve made a start on the story for my grandson. He’s just got into the secret research establishment in Cumbria and met the dinosaurs. Part 1 has been passed to Daddy to check for local details.

I got the result of a poetry competition I entered for Ða Engliscan Gesiðas (The English Companions). It was to write a poem using Old English verse forms with alliteration. I didn’t win, someone submitted a better one, but I’ve put mine up here anyway. It’s a riddle, if you want to try it.

And I’ve actually managed to get some real work done as well.

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  1. Until I started reading your diary entries I didn’t know you were a poet. I still don’t know since me and poetry don’t go together.

    My wife has told me I must stop impersonating a flamingo so I had to put my foot down.

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