Apr 172016

Some thing else I noticed on Friday, after passing my physical for surgery.

It was good news, but I came home and felt utterly drained. I tried collapsing in bed, but didn’t sleep. I just lay there feeling miserable.

I think it’s because the whole experience just has so much emotional baggage for me.  It’s another major step, and as such has incredable emotional loading.   What I will be like on Wednesday I don’t like to think.

I did my right ankle in yesterday as well. Too much pulling wood around so it could be choppd up.  I was on crutches most of today and it still hurts. My fault for overdoing it, but I still think it’s worth it. Even though my loving family tell me I’m being stupid.

I mentioned the liquid food from the chemist. There’s two sorts, the high energy drink and the liquidized brown goo.

The drink is not my favourite, but it’s not bad. It’s a bit like being given Lucozade as a kid when I was poorly.

It’s the brown goo that I really loath. I’ve had two so far. One in Angel Delight to hide the taste. It didn’t work, just meant there was three times as much foul muck to force down and one straight, which I did swallow, but it took real committment.

If there comes a time when there is no alternative, then I’ll have to eat the stuff, and I will. But it truly is awful.

Lastly, what’s the difference between a submucosal oasophagal adenocarcinome and a device for measuring the muzzle speed of a projectile fired from a gun?




Do Not Scroll Down




Do Not Scroll Down





I said don’t scroll down!

The answer is tomorrow night.

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