Jul 182016

We got here. We used the SatNav (known to us as Susan) because I wasn’t sure which was the best route.  Near Denbigh  I missed a turning, and in revenge Susan led me through a scary set of single track lanes before taking us through spectacular moorlands and down towards Cardigan Bay.

We got here, just below Harlech Castle, dead  on time and put up the awning.  We are getting better at this, only 90 minutes this time.   Don’t ask how long it took the first time.

Then we had a look round.  First issue was the shops for some stuff we forgot to pack. Actually I prefer to put it, stuff my wife forgot to pack.  She prefers to describe it as stuff I didn’t tell her to pack.  I explained that I trusted her to know what we needed, but she didn’t seem impressed by this prefectly rational argument.

Then we checked out  the  local churches for an evening service.  The CinW (Welsh version of the CofE) had had a morning service only. We found two independant ones, Jerusalem had no sign outside at all and nothing on the Internet either. Perhaps they think all the people who want to come already know about them.  Then we found on a map the Scotch (sic) Baptist Church / Capel Y Bedyddwyr Albanaidd.  I really did want to see this, out of sheer curiosity, but it turned out to be up one very steep hill and along a very narrow steep lane, and I chickened out of trying that by campervan or on foot.  So we went for a drive.

And we found the church of St Tanwg in Llandanwg with a friendly handmade sign saying worship at 6:30.  We stuck our nose in and found the organist lurking behind a door  (innocently).  Turns out the church dates back to around 450AD, just after the Romans left.  Even the later parts are early or high middle ages. So  we stayed and met a friendly vicar who encouraged people to comment back on her talk (she did not use the word sermon).  No  electricity,just  candlelight and a foot-powered organ, but it was really good.

Then back home and dinner.

I took it all well. No problems eating and I’m feeling good.  So today as much exercise as I can, once the mist clears, and we decide what to do next.

Why do we call the  SatNav Susan, well it’s a female voice, and it would be silly to call her Tom Tom.

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  2 Responses to “On me hols, and St Tanwg’s – the oldest church”

  1. Susan? She must be of a gentler disposition; we call ours Rosa Klebb!

  2. It was lovely to meet with you yesterday. The book I mentioned on the churches and chapels of Harlech was written by Rev Bob Hughes who us using your translation of Calon Lan at his granddaughters wedding at the end of this month. That has details of Capel Rehobeth,
    pob bendith Pam

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