Dec 072016

This is ludicrous.  One day to go and I’m stuck waiting for the out-of-hours doc.

This only happens in Hollywood films where they get to rescue the fair maiden, claim the treasure and then notice there’s 30 minutes of film to fill in somehow, so something has to go wrong, usually in a really contrived way, so that they can have another thriiling car chase.

I saw the GP last week, who suggested another anti-constipation drug called bisacodyl.  The weekend was unpleasantly bunged up, so I took some.  It worked, and I took some more last night.  Today I’ve got really bad stomach pain every time I eat. Really bad.  It’s carried on all day, so we checked out the bisacodyl, and stomach cramps are a recognised side effect.  We rang the Christie, who recommended I rang the out of hours doc. I’m currently waiting for the callback.

One Day to go, and this happens.  What’s more I have a CT scan at the Christie tomorrow, and I really do not want to miss that.  It’s my life at stake.

I took the evening dose of chemo, and had some food beforehand, because you can’t take it on an empty stomach.  But I was frightened. Of the pain, of the failure to finish the chemo, of fear of missing the scan. So I cried in my wife’s arms for a while. Then I got on with it. But I’m still afraid.  I’ll post more whenI know more.

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