Jul 302016

The operation is over and Malcolm appears to have reacted well. I saw him tonight and he was chatty if drained with a lot of drains in him. The nurses will get him up tomorrow and he starts physio as well to get him healing. The surgeon rang me 5.0 tonight to say all had gone according to plan. The tumour was huge and  until they get histiology results they are not sure if they got it all  but so far so good. The nurses on intensive care will start feeding him tomorrow through a tube in his Ilium ( small intestine) until  the stretched stomach and  gullet have healed.

Sorry this was late getting to you all but I have been busy finishing a centaur costume for my red headed granddaughter until now 1.00a.m. She gets up at 4  in 3 hours time to  be out with the costum for 5. Oh boy and I thought parenthood was busy. A grandparent is even busier.  Our youngest the engineer spent his day with me painting  the  living room  walls. Bless him. The phone has not stopped ringing since this morning. What a lovely caring  lot you all are.

Well another hurdle over  but still more to get over before this wretched disease is well and truly defeated.

Can’t see straight anymore so off for a few hours sleep before  sending  granddaughter of to Comi Com.

More tomorrow and no more sewing!.

  2 Responses to “Over and hopefully out”

  1. Such good news.

  2. Thanks for the update Beryl, have checked in regularly to see if you’d posted so was relieved to see this. Delighted that the operation went well and Malcolm was chatty. When do you get the histology results? I am with you on the ‘I thought parenting was busy’ we have 7 grandchildren with one on the way and (maybe because I’m ‘old’) I find life with extended family exhausting but wouldn’t change a thing – taking the blessings as each new day comes and revelling in them! Continuing to pray for you all and especially for your energy levels at the moment x

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